Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are these really Stuart Weitzman??

Holy Shit!

So Stuart Weitzman makes some great shoes, that are reasonably priced compared with most designer shoes. But many of the styles are conservative (certainly not all - love the leopard print heels). From the collection I already have black gore tex plain winter boots (stirfried), black high heel ankle boots (hipgal), the spectator high heel black shoe(signore), 2 different black sandal wedges (spando and flex), and a black with white trim heel (zowiepipe). and brown micro stretch shoes (walker). So clearly I'm a fan, but most of these except for the signore and zowiepipe are fairly plain and I wear them to work. I consider them good work shoes. The other two I still wear to work, but they are more of a fun shoe.

Then yesterday I saw the ones in the photo above. The picture doesn't do them justice! They have this great charcoal gunmetal shine to them and they look fabulous! And believe it or not, I also looked at a similar pair from Manolo Blahnik and the Weitzman's had a nicer look in terms of color!!! I couldn't believe it. I asked the guy if he was sure these were Stuart Weitzman's? Naturally I had to have them, but now when to wear them?? With all that crappy snow and ice on the ground I definitely don't want to wear them now and ruin them. Bummer!

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