Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grand in Union Square Somerville

So after the hype on and the positive reviews on yelp (People who had never been there were rating it a 5 because they were friends with the owners! Not sure how you can rate a place you haven't been to?) I went to check out Grand. I had blogged about it earlier in the week as well.

As a supporter of local businesses I was hoping I would love it. The person working was friendly and greeted us when we walked in - which I liked.

The overall design of the place is nice, but it's really sparse inside - it seems a little empty. There is definitely stuff in the store, and I don't like over packed stores, but this seemed a little bare.

They had funky pillows, plastic plates, dog food, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sneakers (organic I think). And they had some organic soaps / body wash that looked nice. Most of the items seemed kind of collegiate though, besides the pillows and bath products the other things didn't interest me. I'm happy to see stores moving into Union though, so I will have to check out Grand again in a few months.

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