Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stupid Progresso Soup!

So during the summer it's easier to be healthy. I love riding my bike on the path and go for 20 or so mile bike rides several times a week.

Then the colder weather came and I don't like riding in the freezing cold. So I have to go to the gym, problem is I'm a little lazy - and I hate when it gets dark so early. It makes me want to just go home and get into my pjs. So once the cold weather arrived I was only going to the gym like once every 3 weeks. Not very good.

I always want to lose weight - what chick doesn't really? Anyway I hover around the same weight - give or take a few lbs each week. I would like to weigh about 10 lbs less, maybe 15.

So a few weeks ago I decided if I was really going to lose 10-15 lbs I needed to get my ass to the gym. I started going 2-3 times a week, working out for at least 45 minutes of cardio and some yoga/stretching. I will introduce weights again in a week or two. So great I've been kicking ass at the gym - I feel pretty good. I want to work out more, but it's cold and dark - which saps my desire to do anything. I contemplate hypnosis or something to make me just do it.

Now for the annoying progresso soup thing. I eat fairly well. I'm not perfect by any means. But I love fruits and veggies and most days I do pretty good about getting some in. But I love sweets, so I have to watch out about those...

A normal day I have:
Breakfast: a stonyfield farms organic yogurt smoothie and a larabar (dried fruit and nuts).
Mid Morning: Green Tea, Water
Lunch: Salad or Sandwich, diet coke, more water
snack: handful of dry roasted unsalted almonds
dinner: varies - usually fish or chicken and some kind of veggie, and some chocolate or low fat ice cream
by the end of the day I drink about 64 oz. of water too.

Not so bad right? Well I decided to cut out the sweets while I was on this workout health kick and substitute my normal lunch with a 100 calorie progresso soup instead. Thinking it would really lower my calorie intake and be healthy.

Instead I gained 8 lbs! 8! WTF are you kidding me? So then finally I looked at the sodium in the soups and it's almost 900 MG! I don't put salt on much (if at all). So now I have cut the soup out again (because I am convinced that the sodium is making me retain water) and went back to my normal meals, but limiting sugar and I hope these 8 lbs go away QUICK. I'm pissed I work out and eat well and gain weight!????? It's just not fair!

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