Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Gladiator Sandal Trend Needs to Go Away

It's too much.

First: there are just too many laces - I like laces, but these are extreme. It looks like too much work to put on my shoes - and really I will suffer for my shoes. I've seen some pairs that don't have quite so many and I like those.

Second: all the pairs I've seen so far are flats. I don't like flats - I am far too short - I need the lift.

If designers are going to force me into a sandal - at least give me a heel to work with.

So here is a pair by Michael Kors - and they just don't do it for me. They are too flat, and seriously they look so blah. Did they dig them up? Perhaps Jesus lent them his? These may be one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I've ever seen.

Cleopatra and Caesar together again?? What are these Ferragamo's? I suppose they aren't really gladiator with the ruffle thing going on, but it reminds me of them... Strange shoe.

here's a super ugly pair for you:

and a similar pair in the flesh on Mary-Kate Olsen.

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