Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Handicap Spaces

Nothing makes me more angry than when able bodied people park in handicap spots.

There are the people that just blatently park in these spots without any kind of placard / plate - and risk getting a ticket or towed. And apparently they don't seem to care if that happens to them.

Then there are the people that have a placard because they have to drive another person that is handicap, but they abuse that placard and use it even when they aren't driving the person that is handicap.

People that are truly disabled - fight to maintain their independence. My aunt has disibilities, yet she fights really hard to maintain her independence. And then I see able people that want to throw away this freedom, or simply don't care they they abuse the system and it just pisses me off.

You are not disabled! And really how much further are the regular spots from the handicap one? like 2 spaces closer to the door?

Knowing how others struggle just to be able to walk and seeing a person daily who walks just fine park in a handicap spot makes me just furious!!! I don't care that your bag is heavy - or that you think you are disabled for some reason - you aren't disabled, so park 2 more spots away from the door and walk like you are lucky you are able to do. Don't abuse it!

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