Sunday, January 27, 2008

Highland Kitchen in Somerville

I have been wanting to check this place out. We had been to the restaurant that was at this location previously and it had been horrible. So we figured this place had to be an improvement.

We decided to go out for an early dinner at 6:30 - much to our surprise the place was packed! There was already a 25 minute wait, so we sat at the bar to wait. The bartender was great. He made fantastic drinks (pretty inventive ones too) and was really nice. Some kind of lime blackberry drink - made with fresh muddled fruit made at the bar. I got a hot buttered rum - never had one before so I figured I would check it out - very tasty - wished I had gotten it for dessert instead though - because it was a perfect end to a meal, but since it was so cold out it was really warming.

After 35 minutes or so we decided to see what the holdup was about our seats. Turns out the hostess screwed up and sat other people or something. First she says to me: "oh I think I sat someone else instead of you guys, it will just be another 20 minutes"... um if you screwed up - say sorry and seat us right away - don't make us wait another 20 minutes!! So my bf was not happy with the answer I returned with - and he went up to her and she said "I thought you guys left so I sat other people". Um no we sat right at the bar in front of her - and she never called our name, and what's up with the totally different story!!?? So bf says we never left, we sat right here in front of you, you've seated people that came in after us, and you never called out name I've been listening. She is like fine after this party I will seat you - so she sat another party of 2, then sat us. Not sure what went wrong there, but they found us a seat fairly quickly after that, but WTF the hostess should have just said sorry and sat us next in the first place. We almost left and didn't get to enjoy the food.

Our waitress was very nice and the food was solid. The beef short ribs and mashed potatoes were tasty. The cheeseburger was also good and the fries were super tasty. As we ate there the place only got busier. I would definitely eat here again - I just hope we don't have to wait so long for a seat next time. HUGE HUGE improvement over the previous restaurant at this location. Great local place.


02145 said...

I am glad to hear a review of this place other than the one on

Terrible job by that woman. Whoops, I seated other people first? WUWT (what's up with that)?

My boyfriend is a vegetarian and I only eat fish, so I wasn't sure how it would go over, particularly with him. We checked last week to see if they had an online menu, but I guess the place is still too new. If they've got good non-meat stuff, we will definitely check it out.

DJDiva said...

They had a bunch of fish - there were pan seared scallops (which I almost ordered they looked very good) and mahi mahi. I remember seeing a vegetable risotto. I mostly eat fish as well and remember thinking there were a good amount of choices of fish. I think they had a crab cake app. There also had salads and sandwiches.