Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brett Favre

Holy Shit I can't believe the Packers won 42-20 - what a crazy game that was. I'm glad they won - I'm not a fan of Seattle. I remember when Brett and the boys beat the shit out of us in 1996. I hope that if *fingers crossed* we make it to the superbowl it's not against the Packers. I think I would rather play against the Cowboys.

I don't think the Giants can beat the Cowboys. Romo is an all around better QB than Manning. Which would mean the Packers would have to play @ the Cowboys and so far they have never won there. So I wonder if they can pull off the win...

oh and fucking sweet.. Vrabel recovered the ball when Garrard dropped it!

But I wouldn't want to match up Brady and Favre - I mean who doesn't love Favre? But I would totally want the Pats, I just want them to play against a team I don't really like.

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