Sunday, January 20, 2008

And now for the most important post of the day....

WOO HOOOO let's go Pats!!!!!

I am already sick to my stomach I am so nervous about the game!

Chargers say that everyone is in: Gates, LT, and Rivers. I hope they are not up to their top performance. I don't want them screwing up my 17-0 Pats! Brady, Welker and Moss need to come up big this week. And I expect some big plays from the defense: Harrison, Vrabel, or Samuel.

All this week this drama with Randy Moss. It seems to have died down a bit. I don't know what happened, and no one will until it all washes out in the end, but I swear it seems like there is ALWAYS some drama that errupts about the Pats before all of their big games. Plus haven't these people learned that most of the time - creating controversy about the Pats brings them closer together?

I am looking for a great game! Don't let me down!

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