Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic Today...

Not sure how it all happened, but it's the 25th Anniversary of Thriller and I guess it got me thinking.

I can't believe Thriller is 25 years old! I remember rolling skating (yes with real roller skates with the brake in front) to this album (yes really the album - I still have it too) in my parent's basement. What a dork! and I loved it! Who didn't have this album in 1983? It was so huge - I felt like it changed music as we knew it. Has it really been that long? Am I really that old? The 1980s don't seem that far away to me, but then I realized kids born in 1990 will turn 18 this year. WHAT!?

Next thing I know I'm watching One Crazy Summer (John Cusak was so damn cute - and still is!) and listening to crappy 80s rock and I love it. Well it's not really crappy, but in today's standards it is. Who wants to listen to Chicago and the Go-Gos now besides me? Shit I've been listening to my Barry Manilow albums too - don't judge!

I remember listening to Manilow in my friend's basement when we were kids - on a reel to reel player! Like huge movie theater reel looking thingy her dad had in his "high tech" basement - ha! You had to thread one reel onto the other to get it started. And we thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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