Sunday, June 1, 2008

UM what part of

No don't you understand?

I cannot stand credit card companies (not that it stops me at all from living off credit cards). It's really a love/hate thing. I like using my cards for everything - I can track all my expenses, earn rewards, and I pay my bills at the end of the month to avoid finance charges. win/win.

I have a bunch of store charges because you can get some great benefits using those cards - extra savings on certain sales, coupons in the mail, points that can be used to buy things etc. Interest rates are crazy on these cards though (usually like 23%!) so I always pay them at the end of the month. Apparently I shopped enough when I was going to Vegas with Express (getting some cute, cheap clubby shirts) to get their A List card. I only bought $250 of stuff - I don't know how that makes you "A- List" but whatever. They have those stupid call to confirm things on the card. Fine. I call, put in the stuff they asked for and then get put on hold. WTF? Why can't it just confirm the damn card?

Now I am on fucking hold, and I'm not sure why? I pushed the numbers in they asked for and there's no - hold on while we confirm. There's no information as to WHY I'm on hold, but I hear hold music so I know I'm on hold and they haven't said my card has been confirmed yet... so I wait..... Perhaps letting the person know why they are holding would be helpful. and FYI customers hate this bullshit. It turns us off from shopping at your store when you do shit like this. Your call is important. YA so important we put you on hold for 10 minutes and made you listen to crappy music while we forced you to wait to confirm receipt of a card you never even asked for!!! YA thanks a lot. No really. Thank YOU.

Finally I get a representative who asks me the same fucking questions I already typed into the phone when I first called. Shouldn't they have the data I just entered in front of them???????? Why do they always do this? Why don't they have that data? What kind of stupid ass system is this? Then she asked more questions. Like confirming the spelling of my name. UM pretty sure that if I stole this card I could look at it for the spelling of the name on it. How is this a security precaution?

Then as if I wasn't already annoyed for wasting my time - the woman at the cc company proceeds to tell me I qualify for some stupid free trial of some stupid service that will be like $13 a month after the first 30 days. Oh yea the service is some thing for my cell phone that will tell me the best price for clothes at stores (WTF???). If I want to find out the best price I will look on my iphone myself, or online before I go, or I just don't care. and BTW how much would this really save me to justify over $150 a year for this???? Are you kidding me??? No absolutely not interested. Well it's a great deal. NO already said that I was not interested. It's free for 30 days while you evaluate. YEA said no already. Don't care, don't care, don't fucking care! What part of NO don't you understand? Stop wasting my time trying to upsell me some stupid service I don't want or need! I hate this shit. I swear Credit Card companies send out new cards just to force us to have to call them and try to upsell us needless expensive services and waste my time.

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