Friday, June 20, 2008


So what's the etiquette on showing or viewing and apartment and doing the following:

A: Opening up all the closets and leaving them open? Like so my cats could get in and potentially hurt themselves and/or break into the food (to breaking into the food has happened before).

B: Going the bathroom - the bathroom and leaving the seat up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? Really? Who does this? Who goes the bathroom in someone else's apt when they aren't home and you are viewing it? EWWW now I need to sanitize it - I don't know who was in here!

C: Knocking the key lock thingy off the door and leaving the key exposed so ANYONE could break into the apartment?

D: I forgot this one: knocking over the cat's water dish and leaving the water all over the floor.

I come home and all of the above has happened.


It's still my apartment right now - respect it!


jmr76 said...

At least they didn't lock your cat in the bathroom while you were at work. Oh yeah - and they didn't leave your back door COMPLETELY OPEN!

Luckily for me, both occurred on the same day thanks to the same dufus realtor.

Brian said...

Ewwwwww @ the bathroom thing. Do they make Lysol bombs?

DJDiva said...

OMG! I can't believe they locked poor Bailey in the bathroom! I worry about them leaving the door open and one of the cats running out too.

and yea nasty huh about the bathroom?