Thursday, June 12, 2008


So as I blogged about earlier I am moving out of my Apt. at the end of July into BF's condo. Calling movers has gotten me quotes that range by almost $1,000! Oy. I think I finally figured out what I am going to do - thanks to reviewers on Yelp (I will be one of them after my move).

I wanted to use Gentle Giant again - I've moved with them before. They were so efficient, friendly, professional etc. They did a great job and disassembled/reassembled furniture so quickly I was amazed. They made it all look so easy. I was really happy with the service I got from them. But I also moved in February 3 years ago, so the price was still a bit high, but since it was non-peak season very reasonable.

This time I'm moving in July - which I guess is peak season. Different days have different rates (which they all have), but theirs goes up A LOT week to week. So if I move the 3rd week in July it's cheaper, but still expensive @ $1200. If I move the 4th week - it gets significantly higher (~$1700), and if I move that 5th and last week - it's off the charts (like 2k+!) to move 1 mile down the road! Holy shit!

So I checked out Yelp and Precision Movers is getting a lot of great reviews lately. I called them up - they are quoting me $600 for the same move. Now THAT'S something I can live with. I'm a little sad not to give repeat business to GG since I had such great service from them the last time, but I just can't see spending $1700+ for a move I can get for $600. I want to take that money I save and decorate my new home! I will see how these other guys do - so far all 5 star reviews on Yelp - it's promising. I know you get what you pay for (as you can see I'm all about crazy expensive footwear), but I get the feeling this other moving company is new and trying to break onto the scene so they have more reasonable prices right now.

It's a gamble, hopefully I bet well.


jmr76 said...

First of all, you're exactly right to hire movers. When I moved from Boston over here to Porter Square, I hired a moving company - and it was the best decision I ever made.

I used a company over here in Arlington / Somerville called Careful Carriers. They did an excellent job. My entire apartment in Boston was loaded up, driven across town, and moved up to my 3rd floor apartment in less than 3 hours! I think I paid around $600 to $700 - and it was money well spent!

Happy Moving!

DJDiva said...

Thanks! :)