Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russert

So shocking and sad.

I have never been a huge fan of politics. I mean I vote and I have opinions, but I am not obsessed like some folks are.

However, I did love watching Meet the Press every Sunday morning at 10:30. I don't think I've missed an episode in years. I really liked Tim Russert. He was the kind of guy you felt you knew. I always felt he was so fair and I really learned quite a bit from the show.

BF once went the bathroom next to him at an airport. He thought about saying hello and introducing himself - because he's always idolized/loved Tim Russert. BF will NOT miss an episode of Meet the Press and he was soo excited to have bumped into him in the airport, but felt it would be strange to introduce oneself in a restroom. Now perhaps he wishes he did anyway.

I was traveling to Toronto when the news broke and missed it until Saturday when we saw him on TV in a place we were having brunch at and realized he had died. I was so shocked and saddened. What a loss to the world. What a loss to the 2008 election. What other Sunday news show ever had a better host? So much personality. So fair.

Luckily I have Tivo, so Meet the Press (like every other Sunday) was already queued up to be recorded. I am watching today's show now. I don't know why exactly it's so upsetting to me since I didn't actually know him - but it really is. Such a tragedy.

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