Saturday, June 7, 2008

been slacking

On my blog posts this week... I've been trying to organize and start throwing stuff away, donate stuff, and start to pack up my apartment.

What a nightmare. UGH I just have too much shit. And it seems no matter how much I donate (car fulls) and throw out- I still have a lot of stuff. Where did it all come from? When the hell did I get all this shit? The only things I really care about to move are: my furniture, my cd and dvd collection, my clothes and shoes, selected books, and my computer stuff. Oh and my kitchen stuff...

I had my Vogue magazine collection dating back to 2001. I decided it was finally time to part with it. It's too damn heavy, and how often do I really go back and comb throw my Vogue archives? Now I only have the last 3-6 months of magazines and that's it. Much more manageable.

Moving costs are astronomical too! $1000-$2500 depending on which day I move and how long it takes. WTF? I'm moving 1 mile! And my apt landlords are wasting no time showing people the apt. I have one of those stupid lock boxes on the door, which make it impossible to turn the knob to get in and out of my place. And these real estate agents are calling me up the wazzo to show my friggin apartment. No matter when they come it's never really convenient! Not to mention it's just unsettling having people walk through your house and look at all your stuff. Meanwhile my apt. people send a note 'lock up your valuables' yea I do. In my apt! Where else am I supposed to put things that are valuable to me? It's my stuff. It's all valuable in some way.

I wish the apt folks had been this timely in sending plows over in the winter -mostly they sent someone by the time hit 6-12 inches - by that time no one could get into the very steep driveway for hours and had to resort to on street parking. I mean sure it's awesome to have off street parking in Somerville. But it's only good in a snowstorm when they plow the lot in a timely manner so folks can actually GET INTO the lot! Otherwise it's just a mostly empty lot covered in a sheet of ice because they didn't really plow to the asphalt.

I had to wait 4 days to get someone to come out and fix my AC in the summer - all the guy they sent out said was the thermostat is broken, but since it's new we won't replace it - you just have to move to fan/low cool for 20 minutes to let the ice melt on the cooling thingy, then back to high cool again - every few hours. YA thanks a lot that is REALLY FUCKING CONVENIENT!!! Especially when I'm not home....

My bathroom vanity was rotting at the bottom. I called them to ask them to replace the vanity. They came over and ripped out the bottom and just nailed in raw plywood over the rotted section. Great work! Really a superb job. Clearly high class.

I have never been able to see out my windows. I didn't realize this when I looked at the place to move in because I looked at night and the shades were mostly down. Basically the seal or whatever broke on them so they are always filled with condensation in between the two panes of glass. I called and complained when I moved in. They told me the window wasn't broken, the seal broke, there was nothing they could do. Gee thanks. It's great to have windows I can't see anything out of.

Once the front door lock broke on a Friday (maybe Thursday) and they put electrical tape over the lock mechanism so that the front door couldn't lock at all until it was fixed. Then placed a big sign on the door 'please do not remove the tape. lock is broken. lock will be fixed on Monday.' oh that's wicked safe. No only is the door unlocked throughout the entire weekend, but there's a note alerting anyone walking by to this fact!!!!!

But when you move out- shit they can get to that mighty fast! AND they can even do that on the weekend!!!

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