Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Days

Just don't turn out how you planned them at all.

Like Yesterday.

My company was/is hosting a customer conference yesterday and today. Initially I had talked about going but then folks felt it was best not to go because customers aren't happy with the existing UI (I had nothing to do with the existing one - I'm working to overhaul it) and that it may be better to wait and talk to them later. No worries that was fine with me, whenever I can do some usability testing is fine.

So yesterday I figured I had a casual day at work since most people would be at the conference. I got ready, put on jeans, sandals and a casual shirt. Started going to work. At a red light I check the email on my iphone - and it says come down to the conference!!! UM ok.. holy shit... gotta go home and change - I can't meet customers in the outfit I had on.

So back home change into something more business appropriate and off to the conference... Customers were eager to give feedback about the UI and gave me their business cards to contact them for more info.

Then as the day is wrapping up - turns out we are taking a harbor dinner cruise in Boston!! UM ok.. I had no idea. I had pretty high heels that I would have rethought if I knew we would be on a boat!! I was so unprepared!

Turned out to be a fun night and our customers were a good group of people... Well maybe minus the guy that grab my hand and kissed it/slobbered on it... That's a whole other story!!! He kept the night interesting that's for sure.


Brian said...

I have pictures of the dancing, but none of a certain someone making out with your hands.

DJDiva said...

Ha ha ha I'm not sure we want to remember that incident all that clearly anyway!!! :)