Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I really hope...

That these folks weren't coming out from the Sex and the City movie - that would be blasphemy. I saw them come out of the movie theater after I saw Sex and the City this weekend. Maybe they went to Kung Fu Panda?

UM...... FYI matching outfits == not cool. Not even a *little* cool. In fact it's just plain ridiculous.

And while I'm on it. Those outfits should be illegal. Bright flaming red shorts and matching shirt?? Yeah.. no. Don't even clean your house in this ensemble. Take it off and burn it as soon as possible.

I mean who even buys this kind of thing to begin with? Hey honey while we are out shopping let's buy matching flaming red outfits so we can find each other in whiteout conditions? Let's be sure to always wear them on the same day so we can be matchy matchy together.. ohhhhh and maybe you can skip and hold hands and sing songs too.

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