Monday, June 23, 2008

Note to Amazon

If you want people to shop @ the marketplace, perhaps you would want to encourage your marketplace customers to charge normal shipping rates!! I just removed items from my cart due to excessive shipping costs.

I needed to buy hot rollers for my hair. My hair dresser recommended the Clairol ones. I went down to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and neither had it, so I figured I was waiting anyway might as well order them online. So I went to amazon and they had the ones I was looking for - great - added them to the cart.

Then I wanted shampoo and conditioner and I figured they may have it - it was worth a shot. Turns out they do carry Keratase shampoo/conditioner (expensive as hell, but works really nice on bio ionic/straightened hair like mine). I use it sparingly and use bumble and bumble creme de coco most of the time. So I add both to my cart and go to check out.

This is where I get shocked - they want $27 freaking dollars to ship 3 small items!! 2 of them little bottles of shampoo/conditioner! Are you kidding me? So I look to see what exactly is going on. Well turns out one marketplace vendor sells the shampoo and charges $12 shipping on a $24 250mL bottle of shampoo. NO THANK YOU! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!

Shipping does not cost 50% of the product - especially when it's that light!

The other marketplace vendor also charges $12 shipping for a $39 product - so about 35% shipping cost. so I quickly removed those items - way to lose business by trying to gouge customers with shipping fees!

I only ordered the rollers through amazon and got my normal free shipping. I will just have to drive to the salon to get the shampoo/conditioner.

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