Monday, June 9, 2008


Pisses me off.

First I attempt to download a song with my starbucks card - you know those songs of the week things. Simple enough, right? Wrong. Really wrong. I enter the promo code and it says that I need to upgrade itunes to download the fucking song. UM the normal Tuesday song of the week from itunes doesn't force me to upgrade (I just used it the other day), why does the starbucks one? No matter I will just upgrade no biggie I think... So I click ok upgrade....

It brings me to apple's download page, where I have enter info to get the download. The 2 checkboxes about whether I want Apple to spam me or not are, of course, auto checked. What's irritating is that if I forget to uncheck them I will actually get duplicate emails every Tuesday from Apple about their song of the week. Most weeks I get 2 emails from them on the same day - you'd think they would scrub the data so they aren't emailing the same address twice....

Then the download takes FOREVER! and I'm not kidding. It was a 20 fucking minute install, then a 10 minute rebooot. What in the hell are they installing? Why does it take that long? And I had to close outlook to get it to install too. Why? What the hell is it doing to outlook that it needs those files? And WHY WHY WHY does itunes force me to install quicktime each time and put stupid quicktime icons on my desktop, quickstart bar, AND system tray on startup if that wasn't enough!? I don't want stupid quicktime loading up every time I start my computer. It's totally unnecessary! So then I have to go into my msconfig file to shut off quicktime from auto starting. How many times can I turn that shit off. I don't want it. Not now. Not ever. Stop turning it back on!

Oh but wait as if I couldn't be any more annoyed.. I never got to download the song after that whole fiasco. I had to quit itunes, install for 20 minutes, reboot my machine for 10, wait another 40 minutes for the itunes library to 'update', then I went back to get the song and it never downloaded, I reentered the code and it says I already downloaded it. UM no I didn't. I had to go through a 30 minute upgrade and got screwed because the stupid song never downloaded.

Thanks for nothing but a headache this Monday morning itunes.

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Jeff Cutler said...

Are you running Windoze or a Mac? 10-minute reboot!! That's insane.

To agree with you, the iTunes machinations on PCs is crummy. The QuickTime thing is annoying, too.

But on a Mac it takes about 45 seconds, everything reboots in under a minute and it all just works.

Maybe if Bill opened up his Windows stuff to Apple's developers a little more, things would be more seamless.

Notice that I didn't urge you to change/switch/buy a mac now or be banished to heck.

Glad it all worked out though.