Friday, May 2, 2008

Worst. Light. Ever.

Or at least in the top 5 worst lights ever. This traffic light is total bullshit. Every single day driving home I get stuck at this light. So let's just say in a given year I drive through this light ~230 times? I'm roughly guessing that based on 5 days a week coming home from work (I drive to work a different way). And out of those 230 times I have seen a car go through this light ~30 times out of 230!!! I mean WTF!!! Don't have this light on a fucking timer what a waste of EVERYONE'S time, put the damn thing on a sensor - so it KNOWS when a car is ACTUALLY waiting at the light!!!!!!!!!! So this means 87% of the time no one is ever at the light for the other side when it turns red for the main road!

So today. Once again. I was stuck at the light for a good 2-3 minutes (it turns green for the side street, then another green for a parking lot each time) and that 30 times I have seen a car takes into account BOTH sides of this light. So basically there is almost NEVER anyone at the light - 87% of the time!! Yet we wait for no one to go through it. Every single fucking day. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Today I was so annoyed just sitting there waiting for the light I finally took a photo of all the cars waiting at this light in both directions - while nobody came from the other 2 directions the entire time I was sitting at the light. I guess the photo isn't great you can only see the empty road to the left, not the parking lot no one was coming out of on the right. I will have to take another pic on Monday's commute when I'm stuck at the light - because I can bet you I am stuck at the light on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday......

WHY WHY WHY WHY do people put lights on timers? They are stupid! It's useless. Isn't a better use case that when 1 or more cars is sensed at a light, give them the green light. Otherwise keep it green for the side that ACTUALLY has vehicles driving through it?

Instead it's the use case of let's see how crazy we can make people driving home from work on a Friday by setting this light to turn red every 1 minute 30 seconds even though NO ONE is coming the other way.

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