Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Juicy Couture

What's the deal with Juicy? I don't understand the appeal. To me it just looks cheap and cheesy with an expensive price tag.

For example here's a new hoodie from Juicy Couture. From the front it seems like a normal sweatshirt, but then the back takes it to a new level of ghetto. Why would one want a giant heart with Juicy written on their back? But forget the words the heart is enormous and ugly. Oh but wait there's more - it's got a 1980s style checkerboard pattern within the heart... even better! Who likes this and what is their reasoning??? Who spends $128 for a giant ugly checkerboard heart on your back? I guess plenty of people considering the popularity of this brand, but I don't understand WHY? To me clothes should be stylish and classic, stylish and sexy, or functional and basic (to perform a job) - this is none of those.



Close up of ugly heart design:

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