Friday, May 9, 2008

What the F??

Is this crazy lawn ornament??? I drive by this house everyday on my way home from work and I just don't understand this crazy lawn thing. What is it supposed to be? A car? just some wacky white thingy to hold more grass and flowers? My photo isn't great - I took it with my iPhone while I was driving. I'll have to get a better shot when I'm stuck in traffic and have time to take a better pic.


jmr76 said...

It kinda looks like a duck jumping to the left and a dolphin swimming to the right. What a great piece of art! Ducks and Dolphins jumping together!

Kim said...

At least there's only one of them. My boyfriend and I were walking around last weekend and, in typical Somerville style, we came upon a house with not 2, not 4, but 7 cement seated lions resting on the stone wall in front of the house. I'm not a fan of these things in general, but why so many? And why the odd number? They were more like mini-lions, but still.

I also don't care for metallic orbs. What's that all about? Does Madame Ruby live there?