Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a fun bag!

How fun is this Fendi bag the Artist Baguette? It's a white canvas bag that comes with 10 permanent markers to design your own look.

However a few things wrong with this: It could turn into a really expensive arts and crafts project - you better not mess up your drawing on the first try it's permanent, and oh yea - to draw your own bag it's gonna set you back 1,300 bucks. 1,300 bucks to draw your own bag???? It's a fun and cute idea, but shit I'm going down to Michael's craft shop - picking up some cheap little bag (I already have tons of markers) and drawing on that sucker for like $30!

1 comment:

gitasan said...

Wow what a great bag...but $1300! I think I will follow you to the craft store!!! Cute idea for party favors,wedding shower or something like that too! thanks!