Friday, May 2, 2008

when traffic laws don't apply

Yesterday I had an appointment with my eye doctor. She's awesome (really!) read my yelp review on that. But anyway, she's in Central Square (Central Square Eye Care). So I drove down to Central and had to find a parking spot. This is no small task.

While I am looking for a parking spot (and sitting at a long red light) I notice an area that says 'No Parking anytime' 'Tow Zone' 'No Stopping'. So seriously you can't park here ever. ok fine. I won't park there. BUT it's next to an Au Bon Pain so sometimes you need your coffee or pastry fix...

Now if I parked there and ran into Au Bon Pain and grabbed a coffee I would have a ticket and be towed away by the time I came back out. But if you are a Cambridge cop it's no big deal apparently the rules don't apply at all to them (only to the rest of us). This guys parks there. Shuts the car off. Locks it. Goes into Au Bon Pain. Gets a coffee. Comes back out. Unlocks the car. Pulls out in front of me when the light finally turns green. WTF?

I mean if no one can park there - it shouldn't be no one can park here, unless you are the law and then it doesn't matter - feel free to park here and get your coffee while those lowly masses search for a spot.


jmr76 said...

C'mon - you know the rules. If you're driving a cruiser, the laws do not apply to you.

Maybe its time for you to quit your day job and become a cop. You'll be able to park anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want!

DJDiva said...

HA people will ask me 'why did you become a cop?' and I will say 'So I can park wherever the hell I want!'