Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupid Vista

my digital camera that isn't even a year old won't work with vista. I have tried everything to get it to install the drivers. Nothing works. With my old XP machine I just plugged the camera directly into the computer with the usb cable and dragged/dropped the photos from the camera onto the computer in minutes/if not seconds.

Now because Vista refuses to recognize the camera and the camera's website says it's already supported on vista and needs no additional drivers (yea right) - I have to use a freaking card reader. Luckily I have an external hard drive that also has a card reader in it. So I have to plug that in, turn it on, take the card out of the camera, plug it into the drive, THEN drag/drop. instead of turn on camera, plug into computer. 5 steps instead of 2! ARGHHHH WHY WHY WHY does it have to be so complicated!??

I want to update my shoe of the day pics and it's so much work to get the stupid images off my camera - otherwise I would be more prompt in updating them.

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