Saturday, May 24, 2008

I hate this shirt

I actually saw it on the racks at the Marc Jacobs store (or Barneys?) and it looked even more unsightly in person. I meant to blog about this shirt awhile ago, but I forgot. Then I got an email from Saks promoting summer clothes and this was the featured item in the email - and it made me remember how much I disliked it and wanted to comment on it. UM first it's super ugly, second it would DETER me from actually clicking on the email after seeing it as the featured item.

I like printed designs on shirts, but I'd rather have them in the form of a pattern than as a faux scarf. If I want a scarf with my shirt, I'll just wear a real one.


Kim said...

Hideous. Just waiting to appear on the last page of US Magazine.

When that God-awful flimsy crochet flower came out a few years back, I thought it was the same deal. But, then, I proceeded to see the damn thing on wool hats, t-shirts (!!!!), and nice fitted jackets. Um ... why? I swear that thing was a test to see how many they could sell. Just because something is trendy, doesn't mean it's good.

I have a pet peeve with anything quilted, also. Quilts are for keeping warm, not for handbags.

DJDiva said...

YESSSSSS I really hate quilted bags too! I cringe when I see them.