Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Neiman's First Mark

Sale was today and boy was it good!

I had a doctor's appointment today about my cold/allergies that I've had for a few weeks - which I found out has given me asthma! I got a prescription for an inhaler! UGH

Anyway, while I was in the area I figured I would check out Neiman's First Mark Sale. Everything was 40% off - even brand new stuff for one day only. Then I guess the First Call sale starts tomorrow, but not on new stuff... So I had to take advantage of that! I got 2 pairs of summer weight Theory pants (black and tan). I need to go get them hemmed because I'm not 6' tall.. Who do they make these pants for?? I got 3 t-shirts - blue, white, and green. A Brown/white jacket, a white/black/tan shirt, and a funky brown silk shirt with bright green flowers on it. All designer stuff, all discounted 40%! Woo hoo!!

They had super cute shoes on discount too, but I had to control myself (step away from the Pradas) - otherwise my little spending binge would have gone far north of $1,000 fast....

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