Monday, March 31, 2008

Kraft Addresses Spygate

Mike Reiss of the globe reports that Kraft addressed spygate today saying he thinks it will come out that the Patriots didn't videotape what Walsh claims they did. And he is looking forward to clearing this up. I hope this happens soon. I'm sick of hearing people bash the Patriots calling the entire team / organization cheaters. I got in a bit of an argument with a guy at the casino in Vegas about it - he handed me some promo for a club, then asked where I was from and when I said Boston he was like 'YEY Red Sox BOOO Pats those cheaters'. Well I had to disagree (not about the Sox of course, just the Pats).

If this guy Walsh REALLY had true evidence why has it taken this long to come out and prove it? Seems to me it's not true if nothing has been proven. I have heard - and perhaps it's just gossip - that he's trying to negotiate immunity so that if he's proven to be lying that he can't get in trouble. Why would one want such immunity if they knew they were telling the truth? All it does is make people believe that the Patriots organization is guilty - before any proof (if ever) is shown.

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