Thursday, March 20, 2008

Going to Vegas!

I'm going to Vegas this weekend and I can't wait! I'm stressing about my shoes and outfits. I hate being on vacation and have the wrong outfit.

Guys have it so easy: black shoes, maybe brown shoes, and probably sneakers. Jeans, couple of shirts and a pair of khakis. Done.

It is so not that simple for us. We need to think about pool side outfits, bathing suits, sleepwear, some workout clothes, things to wear during the day (casual), and things to wear at night (dressy). Plus you never know what kind of weather issue could come up (although in Vegas this is less of a wild card). I'm always that chick that gets the 50 lb sticker slapped on my bag at the airport. I know I probably over pack, but I'm ok carrying my own bag. I suck it up. After all it's my crap. I'll carry it.

The one vacation everyone gave me so much crap about the weight of my bag and I packed "light" I regretted it everyday. I had one pair of shoes - which was just miserable. and I ended up wearing the same pants for like 4 days. It just sucked. I felt like I was wearing stuff out of my hamper everyday. I felt wrinkled, messy and smelly. I like clean fresh clothes. and I like have a choice.

So right now my bed has 4 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of black pants, and 1 pair of capris, workout clothes, 2 bathing suits, a pair of pjs, and a slew of shirts that can go with any of the aforementioned pants. Oh and 4 pairs of shoes (one is the pair I will wear on the plane). Seems reasonable to me for 3 days? No?

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