Monday, March 3, 2008

F*^@king Arlington Roads

On my way home from work, driving through a sea of potholes on the wonderfully maintained Massachusetts roads in Arlington, I was trying to avoid one pothole and an oncoming vehicle I hit yet another pothole. I immediately knew it wasn't good. I heard a strange sound, and then I drove for about 10 more feet before my car was completely hunched over to my front right side. GREAT. Just fucking great.

Where are all our tax dollars going to? WHY can't our roads get repaired then? I drive on this road every single day and these potholes have been on this roads for at least 2 months. There are so many you can't avoid all of them, and unfortunately for me - I didn't avoid the right one today. But WTF how long does it take to repair these roads? Why should the road be like a mine field? How long is a reasonable time to wait for the roads to get fixed? 3 Months, 4? Never??? ARGH

I was planning on going to the gym and run about 3 miles and was planning on beating my time from my last right, and then I was going to make some chicken to put on top of a salad and watch some tv. Well all of that, or most of it, was out the window after the pothole.

Luckily I have AAA because I have no idea how to change a flat tire. I have had AAA for years, but never have had to use it until today. I called up - I was slightly annoyed that I had to press a few buttons to connect to a person, but it was probably because I was freaking out about the flat. Anyway, I got connected pretty quickly to a representative - who was really great. She took all the information and said a truck would be out within an hour to change the tire. After what seemed like an eternity - but realistically was probably 15 minutes the guy showed up. He had been nearby on another call so I lucked out in a way. He changed it quickly and I was back on the road.

MA roads SUCK - big surprise, but AAA rocks!


Jeff Cutler said...

I don't know if it's just urban legend or not, but I think you can get the city to pay for your new tire - or tire repair - or car repair - if a pothole has been reported to the local DPW or the state.

So if you remember the location of the pothole that ate your tire, just give Arlington Town Hall a call and see if they'll give you some green.

Bowl of Cheese

DJDiva said...

I mentioned that to the AAA guy and he said good luck - the roads in Arlington suck, and they won't give you money. but I'm still going to test the waters on that - they should keep these roads fixed!