Friday, March 7, 2008

I am so over winter

I am officially all set with winter. Well, let's face it, I was all set with winter before it even started, but now I am REALLY ALL SET. I don't want to see snow for at least another 10 months.

I'm sick of parking bans and fighting for a spot. Trying to get home 10 hours before predicted snow to actually *get* a spot. Sick of unbecoming footwear. Sick of cleaning off my car. Sick of winter coats. *Sort of* sick of cashmere sweaters (because seriously - who doesn't love cashmere? I just don't want to wear one for another 10 months).

I want green! On trees, the grass, on shoes! I'm sick of looking at drab empty trees. I am ready for some spring! And speaking of spring and green, how cute are these green patent wedges from Kate Spade?

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