Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love Seinfeld

I love this show. It was one of the best shows on tv. And I love when I made it home from work by 7pm to get to watch it on Fox.

But now that I have Tivo - I get home and there's a few Seinfeld episodes for me to watch and it doesn't matter if I make it home by 7. YEY! And I LOVE FF through the commercials - even better.

Tonight I'm watching it live (bummer about the commercials), but it's one of my favorite episodes:

Elaine bids double of what Peterman told her to for the JFK golf clubs.

Jerry's mechanic steals his car because he's not properly taking care of it.

Newman and Kramer decide to drive to Michigan to return cans for .10 cents rather than the .5 that NYC pays - using a mail truck (because of some Mother's Day loophole for mail).

And lastly George is on a "special project" that he doesn't know what it is because he wasn't in the bathroom when the guy gave him the instructions. So he's trying to figure out without asking him to repeat it.

The mechanic throws the clubs at Newman and Kramer because they are following him, Elaine brings them to Peterman completely destroyed and he says "I didn't know JFK had such a temper."


One of the best episodes ever.

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