Sunday, March 16, 2008

iTunes pisses me off

So bf gave me an iPhone for my birthday yesterday. YEY! It's very cool overall. I love the visual voicemail and the web capabilities on it. I love the UI, and the ease of usability.

Although I have a few issues with it.

First, it will not let me drag/drop specific songs from my computer onto the phone. I can only sync playlists. This is just annoying. I should be able to drag one song if I want to, why do I have to create a playlist for that one song, then sync it?

Second, if I want to make a ringtone - I can only use songs I have downloaded from iTunes. THEN as if that wasn't enough - iTunes wants me to pay ANOTHER .99 cents to convert the song I ALREADY BOUGHT into a ringtone! That is just bullshit. It's not the cost of the ringtone, it's the principle of the fact that I already freaking bought the song. Why do I have to buy it twice? I have found a way around this by using my own songs, only playing a 30 second clip of them, which I then convert to an AAC file, then change it to a ringtone file, and sync the phone. Voila. It works. A ringtone for free. I'm not saying I'm against for paying for a ringtone - I'm not, but what I am against is paying for a ringtone of a song I already bought! And if I bought a 5 minute song for .99 cents, why is a :30 second clip the same cost? And shouldn't I own the rights of that song already to play it it any way I would like?

Third, I want it to have real gps. Right now it's using three cell towers to calculate where I am. When I'm home it gets me within 3 or 4 streets. Which is ok, but if I'm lost - knowing I could be on 1 of 4 streets isn't all that helpful. Especially if I am lost in oh let's say Boston where there are few street signs - I'm really screwed. But if I viewed it as the middle of the circle - I would be on the correct street (in the case of my house). However, last night when I was in downtown Boston I tried it. and the circle it drew covered: Boston, Dorchester, Roxbury, Cambridge, Somerville, and Charleston. YA that's wicked helpful thanks. What if I was really lost on Bolyston Street? It had me within a 5 mile radius. Annoying.

Anyway, other than those 3 really annoying things I really like the phone.


02145 said...

Another major gripe with iTunes: If I buy a song and it gets stored in my iTunes at work, how come I can't access this through some sophisticated database in my iTunes at home? I'm the same user. There ought to be some kind of user recognition or maybe they can make note of your purchases somehow. The onus is on the user to bounce the songs to a CD, then load them up on a different location.

Sorry to stray off topic from your groovy new phone :) It's about time I invest in a new model, myself.

DJDiva said...

Yes you're right! That is another annoying thing.

The file actually gets stored locally on that computer, so it has no way of knowing you should have access unless you move it.

The way to get around this is to copy the file to an external hard drive or flash drive, and then paste it on your home PC as well, then add the song to your itunes library.

When you download from itunes the file gets saved to(on a pc): C:\documents and setting\[your user name]\music\itunes\itunes music\[artist name] - then under each artist name folder is the song(s). I go in there an copy them to my external hard drive, but it's certainly annoying.

02145 said...

Thanks for the tip!