Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love it when...

I'm driving along in a 40 mph zone going maybe 45/50 mph (ok so I'm slightly speeding I realize this - I never said I was a perfect driver) and some car starts tailgating me and then blows past me like a psycho going at LEAST 60 mph.

I mean this car is flying. They are passing other cars, and then blew a red light. Their driving is going to cause an accident soon.

But what is REALLY awesome about this is when that same person who is driving like a total asshole has a car COVERED in bumper stickers that say things like (I'm not kidding about this at all):

- Go Vegan!
- Go Green!
- 1/20/09
- some anti war stickers
- hate is not a family value

While I agree with some of their bumper stickers (I have no bumper stickers because I feel no need to let everyone know my opinion on my car), who are they kidding? How cay you possibly have stickers like that on your car, and then drive the way this person did?

So go green, give peace a chance, and drive like an asshole?

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