Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Burlington Mall

I don't like this mall, but it's across the street from my work so I end up at the mall sometimes.

There are several reasons I don't like this mall:

1: The Macy's is terrible. The racks are so jam packed with crap I can't even move the clothing to attempt to look at it. This really annoys me. Why can't they put out a sampling of the colors/sizes? Instead they put the entire stock of whatever item on the shelves. For example lucky jeans: there are about 25 pairs in EACH size. Is this necessary? Wouldn't, let's say, 3 pairs of each size suffice? Plus I just don't like much of the clothes they sell. I'm extremely picky with clothes, read: clothing snob.

2: The stores don't get much better from there. Let's see I no longer have Jasmine Sola (which arguably kind of sucked since NY&Co bought them anyway). Coach is kind of a sellout these days. I'm sick of the logo. I want stuff to be UNDER stated, not covered in logos. I'm not saying I don't own anything with a logo visible - I do. but I'm over having a bag covered in a logo. Partly because fakes have cheapened them. There are so many fakes out there people often can't tell them apart. All that said, I am going to need a new summer bag because - it's coach silk bag with the damn logo on it. I have been pleased to see coach getting back to their roots and making some understated nice plain leather handbags recently though. So there's hope for them yet. But overall not many stores that I want to buy clothes or shoes at.

3: The food court sucks. In general I hate food courts anyway because they usually have shitty fast food and generally unhealthy stuff. Oh yea and if you do get the salad, which I do and did again today, the lettuce is at that state of slimy leaves with brown tinged edges. It's starting to look less like fluffy lettuce and more like a compost heap. The tomatos are either over or under ripe. Yuck. The only redeeming item in these salads becomes the shredded cheese (which brings us back to unhealthy - not that I don't love cheese but...) Now however the food court is especially shitty. There's only about 4 stores left. Where did all the 'restaurants' go? The whole thing is boarded up shops. It looks like a mall 4 days before it closes forever over there. My hope is that they are trying to clean it up, put in some healthy options (bring back fresh city!) and make it look better for the launch of the new Nordstrom wing.

What's good in this mall?
- The Mac stores are good (makeup and computers).
- The tailor next to Lord and Taylor (I've gotten many pants hemmed there - because pants are now made for amazon women and not chicks that are 5'5")
- The Men's dept in Lord and Taylor (especially the suits).
- Legal's - still the best chowdah around.
- Bath product stores and sephora.
- Crossing my finger's the Nordstrom's doesn't suck. (Note: I've heard it's going to be a "b" store. Meaning no Prada, Jimmy Choo, or Manolo Blahniks. This makes me cry in despair. Please don't let it be so!) They invited me to their gala grand opening event - fancy invite that looks like it was expensive to print. And I'm certainly tempted, but it's $125 to go to. I don't want to pay to shop - as I know I talked about once before in my blog somewhere. As a card holder and a level 2 spender you'd think they would invite me for free. Although the money is supposed to go to charity - so that's not so bad.

What is ok in the mall:
- Sorta/kind of Cheesecake Factory - for the namesake treat of course.
- I used to like Godiva - but the chocolate seems to not be as good anymore. Where's a girl to get some tasty chocolate that doesn't taste mass produced?
- Crate and Barrel (it's on the ok list only because I have to walk or drive to a section of the lot to go there - it's not attached to the mall)

Basically it comes down to this: go to this mall if you need to take a shower, pretty up your face, or buy an iPod. Otherwise, skip it and go to the Natick collection or Copley.


Anonymous said...

why did i link to you from universalhub?
you're a goddamm bore!

Anonymous said...

sounds like Diva bought the last pair of shoes that dude was saving up his recycling money to buy. testy

Offy said...

Yes, but is Chick-fil-a still in the food court? I know that's the only reason I ever trekked out to the Burlington Mall.

DJDiva said...

Chick-fil-a is still there and that's where I got my salad (next time I should just stick to the chicken fingers, or sandwiches).

the only other places right now are: Pizzeria regina, the japanese Maki place, some sub place (no name I know), and an indian place. That's it - ok so that's 5 places, not 4. But still that's a pretty sad food court.

Anonymous said...

methinks you need a vacation from the toxic consumer virus - a reality check of sorts. life isn't all about buying useless stuff, creating more waste and perpetuating human labor exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Testify Rev. Billy, Testify!
Sounds like she reads too much Sarah Schweitzer in the Boston Globe.
No that's not an endorsement!
Break away from the mall!
Read a book!
Put down your IPOD!
Protest the war!
There's so much more important things going on!!!!!

DJDiva said...

Why would one think because I go into a mall and enjoy shoes and some good fashion that I don't read books? Or that I'm not concerned about important issues.

In fact if you really want to know what I'm reading it's this: A Second Opinion - Rescuing America's Health Care. I don't feel the need to bloviate on my political views or what's wrong with this country - there are PLENTY of other people that do that already. I just like to think about other things that aren't quite so depressing sometimes.

jmr76 said...

Heh. :-)

If you're sick of the Burlington Mall, you could always hop on 128 and head up to the super-hip Woburn Mall! They've got all the Fabric you'll ever need!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are 7 open food court choices. You skipped a Chinese option and Appleseed (crepes).