Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why would HBO Cancel

Inside the NFL!????????? It's only of of the best shows on tv! I love this show. What other football shows are even half as good? I am so pissed HBO canceled this.

I love these guys: Collinsworth, Carter, Marino and Costas. I will greatly miss all four of you on my tv each week. It was so fun to watch. My Sundays started out watching the rerun of Wednesday's shows and then the games.

HBO SUCKS! Idiots! And I'm not alone in thinking so. What a bunch of idiots. Who cancels a hugely popular show after 31 years!???? Meet the Press is still on - NBC isn't canceling that!

Ok and I know I said I wouldn't talk about the Pats until the draft... but I have to. Watching the final inside the NFL is painful. I didn't watch it when it aired last night, I needed an extra day to handle it.

HOW did Manning get away from 3 defenders that were grabbing onto him for the sack? How Did Tyree catch that ball??? HOW? WHY? And WTF happened to the offensive line? How did they collapse like that and let Brady get hit like that again and again and again? This was the most painful inside the nfl I have ever watched.

And now the Onion has some snarky article about the Pats. I normally love the Onion, but this I just cannot take!

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