Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brasserie Joe

We went to Brasserie Joe this weekend with some friends. I had never been there before and I love French food so I hoped it would be good. I know it's been there for a while, but I've never gotten around to eating here. And I have heard the Colonnade has an awesome roof deck and pool to hang out at in the summer. Perhaps this year I will finally check that out as well.

We ordered some martinis - which were super tasty. And shots of patron, but that was the guys...

While we were chatting and having our drinks before we decided what to get they brought over sliced carrots that were marinated in what I thought was parley and vinegar. They were good however they were prepared. And each couple got their own baguette of bread - which was so great - it was warm and quite tasty.

We ordered salad, escargot in garlic butter, and some kind of smoked salmon for appetizers. Which were all good and the entrees were also good. We got steak tartar, sea bass, steak frites and lamb chops. There was enough food that I brought home my dinner for lunch the next day. For dessert we got the classic creme brulee, and something else - which I can't even remember? Hey I had 3 martinis by this point - I'm glad I remember my meal! It's not the best French food I've ever had, but it's definitely solid and the drinks were fantastic. I would definitely go here again.


02145 said...

I went there once and had a very good food experience. The only negative - which wasn't the restaurant's fault - was that we had to sit next to a family full of screaming children. At a sort of upscale French eatery. Nothing against kids, but parents should have a little common sense when it comes to situations like that.

02145 said...

I'm a bad person. I know.

DJDiva said...

No I don't think you are at all :)

It's frustrating being at any restaurant next to screaming kids. When I was a kid if I started acting up my parents took me out of the restaurant. My mom always said no one else wants to hear you cry and she was right. I don't understand parents who insist on forcing everyone else around them listen to their kid scream?

I was at a cheesecake factory once with 3 other friends. Certainly not as nice as Brasserie Joe, but I don't expect to hear screaming my whole meal either. These people next to us had a kid that screamed on the top of his lungs the whole meal. Loud enough that I couldn't hear my friends well, and it was giving me a headache. The parents just kept on eating and trying to quiet him down, but it didn't work and they allowed him to scream and scream while they finished their dinner. Finally he turns to our table and apologizes for the kid's screaming, but just keeps on eating. My friends, who all have kids, said "oh it's fine we're used to it."

I thought well I'm not ok, and it's not fine, take your kid outside, calm him down, and then come back in!!

I would hope that when(if) I have kids I would take them outside like my parents did and not ruin the meals of everyone sitting around me.

Anonymous said...
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