Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Highland Kitchen Take 2

I meant to write about this sooner, but forgot to. We went back to Highland Kitchen over the past weekend and it was still packed. Seems like every time we drive by this place it's packed too - which is nice to see in the neighborhood.

The first time we had gone to Highland Kitchen the hostess screwed up our seating somehow - making us wait about 45 minutes after she told us 15-20, then when we asked she realized she had sat someone else (or something not really sure what happened). However the nice bartender, great drinks, and good food made us consider a second visit.

I'm glad we did. The second time around the hostess was fantastic. She sat us promptly - only about a 15 minute wait. Bartender was excellent again and so were the cocktails. We tried some different foot and it was quite tasty. I would like to see the specials change up more frequently (it was the same specials as they had the last time), but the menu seems like pretty decent comfort food and the dishes we've tried so far have been good.

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