Monday, February 4, 2008

I am boycotting Macy's

That's it. I'm done with that shit store. First it sucks - the stuff in there is mostly crap (at least in this area) - the San Fran and NYC stores are good. but I don't care - I'm done.

I got an email from them today and the headline was 'The Giants win it all! Celebrate with a Waterford Crystal football!' I thought are you fucking kidding me?? Like seriously - is this just to throw salt on the wound? Perhaps they purposely sent this to all their shoppers in MA, to make us HATE THEM! Assholes. They should have only sent that filth to their own people in NY. And it turns out they also emailed a whole shit load of other Bostonians.

At least Nordstrom's doesn't insult me!

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