Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Blizzard of '78

I would love to share some photos I have of the blizzard that my parents took when I was young, but my friggin scanner won't work with my computer right now. So I have to try another computer and plug the scanner into it. Annoying.

I remember walking over to 128 and seeing all the cars that had been abandoned covered in snow. We had to walk to everywhere, or ride our bikes - cars weren't allowed on the road for a week - only emergency vehicles. I don't remember a lot about the blizzard since I was pretty young. I only remember the morning of the storm and it was a struggle to get our front door open because the snow was packed against it almost to the top of the door. Or at least it seemed to me like it was at the top.

When my dad was snow blowing the driveway the snow banks had to be 5 feet tall or higher. It was just crazy how much snow there was. One of our neighbors was an elderly woman that was trying to get shoveled out and she fell. My dad heard her screaming and ran over to help her. I think she ended up breaking her hip and they had to get the ambulance to come get her. I just remember hearing the screams and it scared me. She ended up being ok though. She had beautiful Siamese cats that I was always sad wouldn't come near me, or anyone but her.

My dad built me a fortress in the snow and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. At the time it seemed huge, now looking at the photos it was just a little cave. If I can ever get my driver errors fixed I can show you...

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