Friday, February 8, 2008

Designer Cell Phones...

So I love the iPhone, and really, who doesn't? My only two issues with it are: it's kind of big, and it doesn't have gps.

I still have a razr, which I like because it fits in my pocket. But I've been considering the iPhone for a while. I may make the leap soon. I do love the internet capability on it.

But now onto the other reason for this post. Designer cell phones, what's the deal with them? Dolce & Gabbana had their logo on a gold razr, which was ok, but I'm not paying more for a cell phone just for their label. but more and more designers seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of making cell phones (or at least putting their brand on them). I buy designer shoes and bags because they are better quality, not just for the brand alone. And to me, the cell phone is no better quality - it's the same phone as all the others with a different 'outfit'.

Now Chanel is jumping in the ring with a new concept phone: "Chanel Choco" - but what's a little cool about this one is that it actually looks like a makeup compact with a mirrored surface. It's different from all the other phones out there. Still not sure I would choose that phone over an iPhone, but it's a least something unique.

It's pretty funky looking:

According to Yahoo Tech "The designer says Choco integrates an optical fiber system that allows it to display images seamlessly even between two pieces of glass. There are 12 micro lighter fibers inside the phone, so when the cover slides down, the lights activate to project the image you see. This type of technology keeps the phone as light as possible. It would be years before we ever see something like this become a reality, but it doesn't hurt to dream." I will definitely be interested in checking this one out if it makes it to production.

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