Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally got a wii

I tried to get my bf a wii for Christmas, but I couldn't get my hands on one until later. It came last week, or maybe the week before.

This weekend he took it out of the box and we played some of the sports games. Really fun! I knocked out my opponent in boxing! and my arms feel it today - a little bit of a workout too - very cool.

But Guitar Hero... this may have been a mistake to buy. He's been playing it all day yesterday and most of tonight. I had to force him to put the damn thing down to eat dinner. I have attempted to play as well, but I suck so bad I haven't gotten better than 70% of the notes hit on the easy songs. :( it's really hard. He knows how to play the guitar so it's easier for him - he's getting like 89% notes hit. I practiced for an hour tonight and went from 78% notes hit, down to 70% - I got worse the more I tried. Annoying!

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