Monday, February 4, 2008


So people shit all over the Patriots for "spygate" even though the NFL commissioner said that it didn't give them a competitive edge.

But now it comes out that the Jets got caught taping us!? Where's the outrage about that? Why isn't the Senate thinking of investigating them? And it's not that I think some big deal should be made about the Jets, I just think people shouldn't make such a big deal about the Pats.

and give me a fucking break 50% of people on answered this question: 'How will you remember this Patriots' with "They blew it. I will remember them as the most disappointing Patriots team ever."

Ok fine they blew it, but the "most disappointing Patriots team ever?" Right after they got NFL MVP, and record breaking seasons all around? Sure I am disappointed they didn't win, but they accomplished quite a bit. Come on that is just insane to say they are the most disappointing Patriots team ever. I think it's the biggest choke ever by the Pats in a Superbowl. But for the most part this is the team give or take some players that won 3 Superbowls - so it's not like they are complete failures.

Why all the hating on the Pats and Belichick? I am pretty sure that people of ANY city that had him as a coach and won 3 rings wouldn't be complaining if he was their coach. But since he's not, and the Pats have had 7 great years, everyone hates them like they are the evil empire or something. I wasn't this bitter when the 49ers had their dynasty in the 80s/early 90s - in fact I rooted for them when they were in the Superbowl. So why all the hating?

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