Monday, January 12, 2009

Saga of the car

I am getting really stubborn about this whole car buying thing, but I just really wish one of these dealers would READ my email and reply with an honest answer.

Why is that so hard?

This is my letter of what I am asking for:

I’ve already driven the Murano SL with AWD and I intend to purchase, as soon as possible, a Nissan Murano SL in Platinum Graphite Metallic.
I am soliciting multiple Nissan dealers for the best offer, but I will immediately agree to purchase under the terms described below.
If you cannot meet these terms, please send your best offer, as I will consider all offers if no dealer can meet the following proposal:

Car: Nissan Murano SL with AWD
Options: Premium Package, Technology Package, Navigation / ipod hookup, Moonroof, Leather Package
Color: Platinum Graphite Metallic (or Brilliant Silver Metallic if platinum graphite metallic is unavailable) with Black Leather interior
Price: $30,000
Financing: 60 months at 2.9 percent

I would prefer a response by email, but I can also be reached by phone at xxxxxxxxxx. I would like to finalize all paperwork by email/fax (subject, of course, to final inspection of the vehicle at delivery).

Thank You,

I know I am going slightly below invoice, but I know my trade-in is valuable and they will definitely make money on it (only 52,000 miles on an '02 Toyota) and that the economy is bad. I would consider other reasonable offers, but I'm not paying 3k over invoice (which has been a few of the offers).

More responses that don't answer my question and try to get me to come into the dealer. I am not going into 1 more dealership wasting another 3-4 hours negotiating. Plus isn't this cheaper for them anyway? If we do this all via email/fax they NEVER have to deal with me except to give me the keys and take my money!!!!!

One response:

Just a follow up to see if you reconsidered the deal presented to you when you visited us last. Again if you are still in the market or if there are any other questions I can answer please give me a call.

UM no I did not reconsider paying $3,000 over invoice. I will never reconsider that. Ever. Not in this LIFETIME.

Another response to the email I sent posted above:
I just wanted to let you know that I am still very interested and motivated to earn your business. I am committed to providing you with exceptional service.

I realize that there are lots of dealerships that are also competing for your business, but I am at least hoping to get an opportunity to compete.

Save the following INTERNET PRICING CODE: it entitles you to additional savings because I have been communicating with you. If you decide to pop-in, be sure to let them know that you have it!

Call me and I will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to come down.

What part of I don't want to come into your dealership did they miss? And I love how there is absolutely no commitment or mention of price.




Samantha LeVan said...

It could be that they aren't having trouble selling the particular model you are asking for. Possibly opening up the color or options might help. When I got my xterra, I wanted black or dark blue. I left with the silver one because I could get it below invoice but the other colors would have been several thousand more.

DJDiva said...

That is odd the colors make a difference?

One dealer wrote me back and said they could give me the car for 31,700 - which is getting closer (but didn't specify all the features, so I'm trying to clarify that).