Monday, January 19, 2009

Another day, another vague dealer email

Perhaps I've become obsessed with my car buying, but I am determined to get a decent deal and a straight answer. Why are these things so hard? I am a really honest person, I'm going to say it like it is (and in the spirit of honesty sometimes I am just too honest).

One place emailed me back with a kind of reasonable price, with a - 'you must call us back within 72 hours to get this "great price"'. So I started looking at it - no where in their offer do they mention what color the car is (I was specific & had options) or what options are part of the car. There is no way I am going to agree on an offer that doesn't actually mention anything else except that it's a 2009 Murano. It's probably the base model, otherwise why wouldn't they specify that?

Another place wrote me with this:

I just wanted to follow up with in regards to the 2009 Nissan Murano. I have not heard from you and I wanted to know if you had any questions or needed further information on inventory or current specials and prices? I would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss further details and a test drive. Please call me at your earliest convenience so that I may better assist you.

The reason you haven't heard from me is because
A: I said I wanted to do this transaction online as much as possible,
B: I have already test driven the car twice. I do not need to test drive yet again
C: I am not interested in more appointments that waste HOURS and HOURS of my day so I can argue with them about a price - either you can or cannot give me the price I am looking for.

And I realize not every dealer is willing to give me the price I want with the options I want - that is ok. Just say so. Don't waste my time or yours! Giving me the run around in vague emails just makes me more annoyed, and less likely I will do business with you. Trapping me in the dealership just infuriates me more- that technique doesn't work on me. Maybe it works on others, but not me. The more I sit there. the angrier I get and stubborn I become to NOT buy the car!

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