Thursday, November 20, 2008

Right Turn Grinches

What do I mean by right turn grinches? I'm sure you've been there before.

Picture this: you are driving along and you are approaching a red light. Well that's ok you think, I can turn right on red and there's no one coming. Ah but wait my friend, the right turn grinch in front of you who is going straight and has their own lane has decided that they are going to block you from taking the right. There's is no way on earth they are going to let you get in front of them, even though you are aren't even going in the same direction.

So now instead of turning right and going on your merry way. you have to sit. and wait. and wait. because some jerk can't stay in their lane and insists on hogging two lanes - the right turn and the straight one. WHY WHY WHY do people do this? This happens to me almost daily.

Now I can see in traffic - the lanes fill up and cars going straight end up blocking the right turn lane. That makes sense, but it's the other time when there are only 1 or 2 cars in front of you and someone insists on doing this.

Perhaps they are clueless and don't realize it? But honestly if you are this out of it and have no idea what lane you are in or if you are turning or not you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a CAR!


Going Coastal said...

It is a common occurrence and happens to me however, unless the lane is clearly marked and painted RIGHT TURN or LEFT TURN ONLY with an arrow, the lane is not exclusive to the driver making the turn. Many roads in Mass have worn, faded, almost non existent painted signals at intersections & RR crossings. I believe the city or town DPW is responsible and hasn't dawned on them yet that marking roads and lanes with paint eventually wears out and should be refreshed every couple of years due to wear from all the cars that ride over the paint. Call it lazy or lack of care but the driver blocking you isn't always in the wrong or doing it on purpose.

jmr76 said...

Ya know, this crap used to piss me off to no end. It should be common sense for drivers heading straight to use the left lane and let turning drivers use the right lane. Besides being common sense -- its just a common courtesy too.

At the very least, if you're going to hog the right lane, try to leave some room for someone to scoot by you and make that right turn on red.

DJDiva said...

I understand that if the go straight and right turn lane are shared I have to wait... But it's the people that are driving towards the left, then shift to the middle at the light so no one can pass them.

It would definitely help if the lines were more visible, but I find people often ignore them anyway.

Kim said...

Selfish drivers are the worst. I get hoppin' mad at this same thing, too.