Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov 4th

How long do you think the lines will be to vote tomorrow in Somerville? Why doesn't MA have early voting like so many other states? Not really looking forward to wasting half my morning in line, but there is no way I'm not voting!

I will be so happy (well I hope so) when this election is over. I am sick and tired of hearing the candidates smear each other. And honestly the crap I've heard come out of some of the folks working for McCain is flat out lies. Why lie? Each person's record should speak for itself.

In fact the "attack calls" being made by the McCain camp were so offensive 3 dozen workers in Indiana walked off the job rather than make the calls.

There are reasons to vote for and against both candidates, so why not focus on WHY I should vote for YOU, rather than why I shouldn't vote for someone else? That is far more effective for me. And honestly I was who McCain was trying to reach (an independent woman who voted for Hillary in the primaries) when he picked Palin, but it did the opposite for me - and then his campaign alienated me more with the behavior at the RNC (who makes fun of a community organizer? they got of their ASS and made a difference, doesn't that matter?), attack ads, and rude comments/lies from various people in his campaign.

I found this post that a middle aged white guy wrote about Obama pretty interesting.


jmr76 said...

Politics is nothing but smears, lies, and half-truths. That's why I hate politics.

DJDiva said...

I just don't understand why it has to be that way though. I realize people aren't perfect - I'd rather have them admit their mistakes/faults than lie to me.