Monday, November 3, 2008

Facebook Ads

Facebook finally figured out how to get me to click on an ad! It was finally something I was actually interested in, and not the stupid ones they show most of the time. Sure they show me ads occasionally for random shoes, but I am not interested in random shoes. I have specific taste. So if you want to get me to buy something, you better target it right. Just sayin'

This time they got it right: super cute Diane Von Furstenberg heels on sale.. just in time for holidays parties. Now all I need is a LBD to wear these fabulous shoes with!

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Samantha LeVan said...

I totally get this. I often get ads for Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden heeled sandals. I'm a sucker for those and so I click on them. I've also seen some cute Delia's shoes. I forward those ads to my sister since that style is perfect for her.

To Facebook's credit, I believe several pairs of shoes have been purchased by my family because of their ads.