Thursday, September 18, 2008


Chihuahua's have to be the most annoying and paranoid dogs ever!!!

My neighbor next door has two chihuahuas and then another dog that appears to be a pit bull mix. I have to say I LOVE the pit mix and can't stand the stupid chihuahuas!!!

The chihuahuas bark at every noise, movement, atmospheric pressure change.. you name it - these freaking dogs are barking like maniacs at it. See their own shadow they are barking.... They also think at 10lbs each (maybe a little more) that they are really tough. Who are they kidding? Sure they are actually kind of cute, but they are freaking ANNOYING.

Now take the pit mix - he's gorgeous and pretty huge AND he rarely barks. He seems like a great dog. When does he bark? When he's been out there all day and getting lonely for some attention - and even then he only lets out a few 'hey don't forget about me barks'. Other than that I don't hear him barking very often. Maybe a few times here or there when someone comes into his lawn. He's pretty chill.

Some of my windows face the fenced in area they hang out in all day. So I like to say hello. the pit looks up and wags his tail and seems pretty happy someone is talking to him. The freaking rug rats bark like maniacs - and the pit just looks down at them like what is the problem - Shut up.

Today I'm working from home and the big guy is just chilling as usual, but the rats are going nuts because there are roofers on the neighbors house. They aren't even in their yard or all that close to it. HOW LARGE do the chihuahuas think their territory is? The pit mix doesn't seem to give a hoot what the roofers are doing.

What makes me laugh even more - one time the fence was either left open accidentally, or became open somehow and the BAD ASS chihuahuas just went up to the back door of their house and barked to be let in. They didn't even run away.. OR bark at the people walking by on the street that they could have gone after since they were actually finally free. Real tough.

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