Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blink Tags!?

There's almost nothing I hate more than the Blink tag. Why would you make things blink on the screen? It's annoying to users and, like, soooo 1995.

Luckily most sites no longer use such offensive HTML on their sites, so you can imagine my shock and horror to find it today on the the MA Voter Registration form. UGH why why why why? I moved, so I need to update my location for my voter registration - I found a link to request a form online. Granted they wanted to make it clear that my voter registration update wouldn't be final until I mail in the form. But instead of the irritating blink tag taking away my attention from the action I'm trying to perform, why not use a different color text, like red to call my attention, make the text bold (they did that), and make it a slightly larger font size?

But don't believe me... check it for yourself:


Chris Abraham said...

I actually think that is the only good use of the blink tag because people are morons and never read anything and that blinker definitely draws your attention. And, maybe, half will actually read the line, with is important information:

"You will not be registered to vote until you return the completed voter registration form to your local city/town hall."

Which is to say that the other 50% that doesn't read that line will probably be turned away on voting day.

DJDiva said...

True - people don't read and are morons most of the time. I suppose it's sad they have to resort to that, but it was distracting me from filling out the form!